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Common ATV Myths Debunked

ATV riding has surged in popularity, but with this rise comes a flood of misconceptions. We’re here to debunk the most common ATV myths, ensuring your knowledge is just as sharp as your riding skills. Let’s separate fact from fiction together.

Myths Debunked:

Myth 1: ATVs Are Only for Experienced Riders

Many believe ATVs are too complex for beginners. This isn’t true. There’s a wide range of ATVs designed for all skill levels. With proper training, anyone can enjoy ATV riding safely.

Myth 2: ATVs Are Unsafe

Like any vehicle, ATVs require respect and proper use. With the right gear, awareness, and adherence to safety guidelines, ATV riding can be as safe as driving a car.

Myth 3: ATVs Can’t Be Used on Roads

While regulations vary, some places allow ATVs on specific roads with conditions, such as wearing helmets and having the necessary permits. Always check local laws.

Myth 4: ATVs Are Bad for the Environment

This myth stems from irresponsible riding. Riding on designated trails and practicing Leave No Trace principles make ATV riding environmentally friendly.

Myth 5: Bigger ATVs Are Better

Bigger isn’t always better. The best ATV for you depends on your size, experience, and what you plan to use it for. Test different sizes to find your perfect fit.

Myth 6: ATVs Are Only for Recreation

Beyond fun, ATVs are used for farming, search and rescue, and even law enforcement. Their versatility goes far beyond recreational use.

Myth 7: Kids Can’t Ride ATVs

With adult supervision and proper safety gear, kids can safely enjoy ATV riding. Youth ATVs are specially designed with speed limits and size considerations.

Myth 8: ATVs Are Always Noisy

Noise levels depend on the model and how it’s maintained. Modern ATVs are designed with noise reduction in mind, ensuring a quieter ride.

Myth 9: Maintenance Is Difficult and Expensive

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and checking fluid levels, can be done at home. This keeps costs down and ensures your ATV remains in top condition.

Myth 10: Helmet Is the Only Necessary Safety Gear

While helmets are crucial, additional gear like gloves, goggles, and boots significantly enhance safety, protecting against injuries and enhancing the riding experience.


The world of ATV riding is full of excitement and adventure. By debunking these common myths, we hope to open up this world to more people, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Remember, knowledge and preparation are key to debunking fears and enjoying the ride.


Guest Policy
- A liability waiver must be sign by all participants. For guests under the age of 18 years who will be driving, a parent or guardian is required to sign on their behalf.
- All drivers must participate in the orientation session before the tour.
- No pregnant women, recent surgeries, back/knee problems or any serious health condition allowed on the tour.
- Covered closed toe shoes Recommended for all tours.
- Guests may get dusty or muddy depending on weather conditions. We recommend that guests wear comfortable clothing that they don’t mind soiling.
- Safety Hemlets are provided by XPLOR ATV Tours and are required for all guests to wear.
What should I bring?
We highly recommend sunscreen and your camera. Valuable items not recommended on tour.
What if it rains?
We run tours rain or shine, however heavy rains will cause the tours to be canceled for safety reasons.
Do I need a valid driver's license to drive?
Our tour routes are off road, so guests do not need a drivers license to participate in our tours.
Are there any tours without guides?
All of our tours are fully guided and follow a designated tour route. Our guides are very knowledgeable about the area and will make sure you have fun.
What is there a weight limit?
We have different size ATV’s to accommodate guests of different sizes however we generally would indicate 350lbs limit.
Phone number
+1 (888) 568-2710
+1 (888) 568-2710
Business Time
FROM 10AM to 7PM
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