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Ultimate Guide to Planning ATV Tour Like a Pro

Planning ATV tour? Get ready for an exhilarating adventure! Follow this ultimate guide and ATV tips for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Choosing Your Destination

Picking the right location is crucial. Consider terrain, weather, and local regulations. Opt for trails matching your skill level. Research beforehand to find the best spots for ATV exploration.

Checking Regulations

Before hitting the trail, know the rules. Check local regulations for ATV use, permits, and age restrictions. Stay informed about off-limit areas and respect nature. Compliance ensures a safe and legal ride.

Selecting the Right ATV

Choosing the right ATV matters a lot for ATV tour. Consider engine size, weight, and handling. Match the ATV to your skill level. Renting? Inspect the vehicle thoroughly for any signs of wear or damage.

Safety Gear Essentials

Safety comes first. Invest in a good helmet, gloves, goggles, and durable clothing. Ensure your gear fits snugly. Dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Safety gear is your shield on the trail.

Pre-ride Inspection

Before revving up, inspect your ATV. Check brakes, tires, and fluids. Ensure lights and signals work. Tighten loose bolts. A pre-ride check prevents breakdowns and ensures a trouble-free journey.

Understanding Trail Markings

Trails have markings for a reason. Learn and understand them. Different colors indicate trail difficulty. Follow the signs for a smooth ride. Avoid unnecessary risks and stay on designated paths.

Group Riding Etiquette

If riding with a group, communication is key. Establish signals and riding order. Keep a safe distance. Be mindful of others on the trail. Respect each rider’s pace and space.

Navigating Hills and Slopes

Approaching hills or slopes? Lean forward when climbing and back when descending. Maintain a steady speed. Don’t over-accelerate. Keep a firm grip on the handlebars. Mastering slopes adds to your ATV skills.

Crossing Water Obstacles

Water crossings need caution. Check the depth before entering. Choose a path with a solid bottom. Maintain a slow, steady speed to avoid splashing water onto the engine. Waterproof gear is a bonus.

Pack Smart: Essentials for Your ATV Tour

Pack wisely for a hassle-free trip. Bring water, snacks, a basic toolkit, and a first aid kit. Pack a map or GPS device for navigation. Be prepared for unexpected challenges on the trail.

Dealing with Emergencies

Expect the unexpected. Carry a communication device in case of emergencies. Inform someone about your itinerary. Know basic first aid. Being prepared ensures you can handle unexpected situations confidently.

Respecting Nature and Wildlife

ATV tours often take you through natural landscapes. Respect wildlife and their habitats. Stay on designated trails to minimize environmental impact. Follow the “Leave No Trace” principle to preserve nature’s beauty.

Post-ride Maintenance

Your ATV deserves care post-ride. Clean it thoroughly to remove mud and debris. Check for any damages or wear. Perform regular maintenance to keep your ATV in top condition for future adventures.


Planning an ATV tour is an exciting venture. From choosing the right destination to respecting nature, follow this ultimate guide for a memorable experience. Gear up, stay safe, and let the ATV adventure begin!


Guest Policy
- A liability waiver must be sign by all participants. For guests under the age of 18 years who will be driving, a parent or guardian is required to sign on their behalf.
- All drivers must participate in the orientation session before the tour.
- No pregnant women, recent surgeries, back/knee problems or any serious health condition allowed on the tour.
- Covered closed toe shoes Recommended for all tours.
- Guests may get dusty or muddy depending on weather conditions. We recommend that guests wear comfortable clothing that they don’t mind soiling.
- Safety Hemlets are provided by XPLOR ATV Tours and are required for all guests to wear.
What should I bring?
We highly recommend sunscreen and your camera. Valuable items not recommended on tour.
What if it rains?
We run tours rain or shine, however heavy rains will cause the tours to be canceled for safety reasons.
Do I need a valid driver's license to drive?
Our tour routes are off road, so guests do not need a drivers license to participate in our tours.
Are there any tours without guides?
All of our tours are fully guided and follow a designated tour route. Our guides are very knowledgeable about the area and will make sure you have fun.
What is there a weight limit?
We have different size ATV’s to accommodate guests of different sizes however we generally would indicate 350lbs limit.
Phone number
+1 (888) 568-2710
+1 (888) 568-2710
Business Time
FROM 10AM to 7PM
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