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Health Benefits of ATV Riding

ATV riding isn’t just a pulse-pounding adventure; it’s also packed with health benefits. This fun, outdoor activity can enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Keep reading to uncover the unexpected advantages of hitting the trails on an ATV.

1. Cardiovascular Improvement

Riding an ATV requires constant body movement. As you navigate through different terrains, your heart rate increases. This cardiovascular workout helps improve heart health and increases stamina.

2. Strengthens Muscles

ATV riding provides a full-body workout. Steering and controlling the ATV strengthens your arms. Maintaining balance works out your core and legs, leading to improved overall strength.

3. Enhances Coordination

Navigating an ATV requires a great deal of coordination. Riders must coordinate their movements to steer, accelerate, and brake. This activity sharpens reflexes and improves hand-eye coordination.

4. Mental Health Benefits

ATV riding can also be a stress reliever. Focusing on the ride allows you to clear your mind of daily stresses, reducing anxiety and depression. It’s a form of escapism that boosts mental health.

5. Boosts Vitamin D Levels

Spending time outdoors while ATV riding increases your exposure to sunlight. This exposure enhances Vitamin D levels in the body, which is crucial for bone health and immune system function.

6. Promotes Weight Loss

Riding an ATV can burn calories. The continuous physical activity involved, combined with the excitement of the ride, can help maintain a healthy weight or contribute to weight loss efforts.

7. Improves Balance and Flexibility

Riders must constantly adjust their body position to balance the ATV on uneven terrains. This activity improves your balance and flexibility, which are important for everyday movement.

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8. Social Interaction

ATV riding is often a group activity. Riding with friends or family can improve your social life, providing a fun way to connect with others, enhancing emotional health through good company and laughter.

9. Enhances Spatial Awareness

Riders need to be aware of their surroundings to navigate trails effectively. This improves spatial awareness, which is beneficial for driving and other daily activities.

10. Offers Adventure Therapy

Finally, ATV riding is a form of adventure therapy. It offers emotional relief by providing an adrenaline rush and a sense of accomplishment, increasing overall life satisfaction.


The health benefits of ATV riding extend beyond mere enjoyment. From improving your physical strength and cardiovascular health to boosting mental well-being and social interactions, ATV riding is a comprehensive fitness activity. So, grab a helmet, hit the trails, and start reaping these benefits today.


Guest Policy
- A liability waiver must be sign by all participants. For guests under the age of 18 years who will be driving, a parent or guardian is required to sign on their behalf.
- All drivers must participate in the orientation session before the tour.
- No pregnant women, recent surgeries, back/knee problems or any serious health condition allowed on the tour.
- Covered closed toe shoes Recommended for all tours.
- Guests may get dusty or muddy depending on weather conditions. We recommend that guests wear comfortable clothing that they don’t mind soiling.
- Safety Hemlets are provided by XPLOR ATV Tours and are required for all guests to wear.
What should I bring?
We highly recommend sunscreen and your camera. Valuable items not recommended on tour.
What if it rains?
We run tours rain or shine, however heavy rains will cause the tours to be canceled for safety reasons.
Do I need a valid driver's license to drive?
Our tour routes are off road, so guests do not need a drivers license to participate in our tours.
Are there any tours without guides?
All of our tours are fully guided and follow a designated tour route. Our guides are very knowledgeable about the area and will make sure you have fun.
What is there a weight limit?
We have different size ATV’s to accommodate guests of different sizes however we generally would indicate 350lbs limit.
Phone number
+1 (888) 568-2710
+1 (888) 568-2710
Business Time
FROM 10AM to 7PM
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